Real Time Status Monitoring

The information on the STS MQTT status page is also sent to MQTT topics for real time monitoring by FRED or any other MQTT client.

All messages related to your use of the service are sent to a special topic hierarchy: users/{username}/$SYS/#.

Specifically the service sends data to the following topics:

Topic Description
users/{username}/$SYS/{broker-id}/infoMessages information messages as shown on the status page
users/{username}/$SYS/{broker-id}/errorMessages error messages
users/{username}/$SYS/{broker-id}/messages messages published since the broker started
users/{username}/$SYS/{broker-id}/messagesLastInterval messages published during the last interval on the broker
users/{username}/$SYS/{broker-id}/errors total errors on the broker since startup
users/{username}/$SYS/{broker-id}/errorsLastInterval errors on the broker for last interval
users/{username}/$SYS/{broker-id}/subscriptions number of subscriptions during the last interval
users/{username}/$SYS/{broker-id}/connectedClients number of connectedClients during the last interval

Note: The broker-id is an internal identifier for the specific MQTT broker in our cluster handling your connection. The service status window aggregates these counts across all currently running brokers. It is subject to change depending on which broker in the service is handling your connection.