Hopefully this answers some of your questions the STS MQTT service. If you have any others, let us know.

Q. Who are you guys?

We are Sense Tecnic, a commercial IoT solutions provider. We’ve been working with Node-RED for a while, and created the cloud-hosted FRED service. We focus on easy to use IoT services for small to medium sized businesses and systems integrators. Like the FRED service we’ve built the STS MQTT service because we think its needed - and we like building cool stuff!

Q. How is your MQTT service different?

Our shared MQTT service has a few unique features:

Q. Are their limits to the service?

Limits are dependent on the FRED service level you have paid for. The Tall service currently limits you to 5 connections. The Grande service level has a 25 connection limit. We currently don’t impose limits on number of messages although we may review this.

Q. How much does it cost?

The MQTT service is bundled with the FRED paid tiers, it is not available under the free tier (although you can look at the management interface and browse the public topics with a free tier account). You need to have upgraded your FRED account to any of the paid tiers to have access to the MQTT service and to create connections. See: https://fred.sensetecnic.com/pricing

Q. Where can I find documentation and more information?

See our documentation page, or contact us by email.

Q. How do I connect my device to the service?

First, Create a Client and then connect using the MQTT protocol using your device configuration or MQTT client library. Ensure you set the MQTT protocol username to your STS MQTT username, the MQTT Client ID for the connection to your STS MQTT Client ID, and the password to your Client Key (NOT your STS password).

Q. How do I connect using Node-RED on FRED?

Create a Client and then connect using MQTT nodes on FRED as described here.

Q. What are public topics and how can I make one?

Public topics are topics that any user of the STS MQTT service can subscribe to. To create a public topic, simply uncheck check the ‘Is Private’ checkbox in the Topic edit page to make it available for other users. See Create a Topic in the documentation for more information.

Q. What is the host or IP address and port I should use?

The host for the MQTT service is mqtt.sensetecnic.com. The IP address is currently This may change in the future so be sure to use the host name and DNS where possible. The port is the standard MQTT port 1883 or over TLS use port 8883. For WebSocket connections over TLS use port 3443.