Register and Log in.

If you are already a Sense Tecnic FRED user, there is no need to register for the STS InfluxDB service. Just hit the STS InfluxDB home page and you’re in! The InfluxDB service for FRED requires a paid account, so if you haven’t already, you will need to upgrade your account to use InfluxDB for FRED.

If you are not a FRED user, you have to sign up for a FRED paid account to access the InfluxDB service. Follow this link to register. You will be redirected to the Sense Tecnic Account Registration page.


There, fill out the form with your user name, first and last name, email address, password and other information, add your credit card details and hit submit. You will then be asked to validate your email address by email.

Once you’re email address has been validated, log in to access the STS-InfluxDB service. Initially you will be shown the Databases Tab described next.

Create a database »