Use the Web Query Tool

The web query tool is a quick way to query data stored in your InfluxDb databases. Simply click on the Query Tool tab on the sidebar to bring up the Database Query Tool page.


Select which database to query in the dropdown menu. In this example we will select “USE: testrobot1_testdb”.

You can type in your query in the text field and click “Execute” when you finish. The Query Results tab will show you the result from your query. You can refer to the InfluxDB Query Language Documentation to see your available query options.

For example, in sample flow at node-red-contrib-influxdb three field values (numValue, randomValue, strValue) and two tags (sensor1 and device2) are written to the test measurement. To query all data where the randomValue is below 5, we would enter the following query:

select * from test where randomValue < 5

to get a list of data where the randomValue is less than 5.


Now you know the basic functions of the STS-InfluxDB platform and you are ready to go!

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