Managing Users and Privileges

Users in InfluxDB defines who can access the database to write or read data. When you create a new database, by default there is no users exist for this database and you will need to create one if you want to access the database from outside of STS-InfluxDB.

Creating a user

To create a user, click on the Users and Privileges page, then click on the + New button. This will bring up the Create Database User modal. The name of the database user will be started with your STS services username, and is in the form of “{Your STS service username}_{your database username}”. Note that the database username must be globally unique.

You will also need to enter the password for the password field. You can either enter your own password, or generate random password by clicking the Generate button.

Note: Once the user is created and the form is submitted, the password will not be shown again. If you forgot the database user password, you will have to regenerate the password.

You can set the user privilege when you create the database user or edit after. Please refer to the following part for information on the user privileges.

Once you have a user, you do the following:

Change or Reset password

When you click Edit, you will see a “Edit Database User” modal shows up in the browser. If you need to change or reset your password, you can either enter your new password or click the “Generate” button to generate a new password.

Edit privileges

When you click Edit button, you will see the “Edit Database User” modal, and you should see the list of user privileges in the bottom half of the modal.

You can:

Delete user

To delete a database user, click on DELETE and you will be prompted to confirm deleting your database user.