Managing Databases

An InfluxDB database is a logical container for database users and time series data called measurements. Measurements are containers for tags, fields, and the time column. It’s conceptually similar to a table in a SQL database. The measurement name effectively describes the data stored in the associated fields.

Creating a database

To create a database, click on the databases page, then click on the + NEW button. This will bring up the New Database modal. The name of the database will be started with your STS services username, and is in the form of {username}_{databasename}. Note that the database name must be unique.

Note: Once the database is created and the form is submitted, you cannot change the database name. If you need a different name for the database, you will have to create a new one.

Once you have a database, you can do the following:

Manage users

When you click on Manage Users, you will be redirected to the Users and Privileges tab where you can see all the database users created for your instance. For more information, please refer to Manage users and privileges for details.

Connect via shell

When you click Connect, you will see the command of connecting to your database in shell.

Query using the query tool

When you click Query, you will be redirect to the Query Tool tab where you can use the easy access web query tool to send query command to your database. You can refer to Use the web query tool for more details.

Delete Database

To delete a database, click on DELETE and you will be prompted to confirm deleting your database.