Hopefully this answers some of your questions the STS-InfluxDB service. If you have any others, let us know.

Q. Who are you guys?

We are Sense Tecnic, a commercial IoT solutions provider. We’ve been working with Node-RED for a while, and created the cloud-hosted FRED service. We focus on easy to use IoT services for small to medium sized businesses and systems integrators. We built the STS-InfluxDB service to support FRED users who need time series data storage.

Q. How is your InfluxDB service different?

Our shared InfluxDB service has a few unique features:

Q. Where can I find documentation and more information?

See our documentation page, or contact us by email.

Q. How do I set up my database?

First, Create a database, and then create database users with the correct read/write previleges. Now you are good to go!

Q. How do I connect to my database from FRED?

After creating a database, and a database user with a password using the STS-InfluxDb management interface, use the [InfluxDB node as described here on FRED to connect your flow to your database. Ensure you enter the correct database and database user credentials (not your STS service user credentials).

Q. What InfluxDb features are not available on the STS-MQTT service?

Q. What are the limits for the service?

Currently the InfluxDB service is available to the FRED Grande and FRED Venti plan subscribers.