Your Node-RED Instance

How to access your instance

After logging in to FRED, you will be redirected to the FRED dashboard. You will be able to manage your Node-RED instance from here.

The sidebar contains everything you need to manage your FRED instance. Your instance can be started by clicking the green “Start Instance” button either on the sidebar or on the right hand side.

The console output of your instance can be accessed by clicking the “console” button in the sidebar. This can be used to debug any problems with your instance.

example input

Why did my instance stop?

Occasionally, your Node-RED instance may be stopped or restarted without any warning. This can be due to a variety of reasons including but not limited to:

Debugging and possible solutions to crashed instances:

Instance Limits

In addition to the limits below, all instances are also given a limit on the amount of system resources that they can consume.

Free Tier - FRED Short

Our free tier comes with several restrictions:

Subscription - FRED Tall

If you are subscribed to your FRED Tall plan, will you have the following benefits:

Other Plans

Please contact us if you have use cases with special requirements or if you have any other questions.