The settings pane allows you to configure the FRED desktop settings as described below:


Node-RED Directory

This is where Node-RED stores flows and installed nodes. By default these are stored in the ~/.sts-fred/node-red

Node-RED Port

The port that Node-RED runs on.

Console logging level

Change the logging level for Node-RED as shown in the UI. Normally this should be at info but may be changed to debug for more verbose Node-RED log output.

Secure Editor

Click this checkbox to secure the Node-RED editor access with a username and password.

Save and Reset

If you change any settings, you will need to Save them, and then restart the application for the settings to take effect. Clicking on Reset resets the settings to factory defaults. To take effect, the application needs to be restarted.

Settings Storage

The FRED Desktop settings are stored in your platform’s home directory in a directory called .sts-fred. There you will find a settings.json file, as well as a node-red directory which is where Node-RED stores flows and installed Nodes. Persistent message storage are stored in the mqttdb directory inside the node-red directory.

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