FRED Desktop Manager


The FRED Desktop manager can be accessed at It hosts FRED Desktop devices registered to FRED users and allows them to view and edit them.

Device Dashboard

The device dashboard lists all of the FRED Destkop registered under the current account. The device ID, agent type, version and license key is displayed as well as the device last report time. The device name and description can be updated if needed.

When you first login using FRED Desktop a device entry will be created in this list.

The number of FRED Desktop devices that you will be allowed to register depends on your FRED Subscription.

To deregister a device, simply click the [x] button on the top right of the device item and click “Confirm Delete” in the pop up window. This will free up one device slot and allow you to register another FRED Desktop device.



The downloads page lists the FRED Desktop versions available for download. The version compatibile with your OS platform is highlighted.