Flow Editor

The Flow Editor pane displays the Node-RED editor and a console pane below. You can edit your flows here. Note that you will need to enter a name and password to unlock the editor if you have set a password in the settings.


Note that FRED Desktop also exposes the Node-RED editor on a local port, so that you can access the editor from a standard browser. You can open a your default browser on the editor by clicking on the external link icon beside Flow Editor in the navigation bar, or by clicking on the port number on the side bar.

Installed Nodes

In addition to the core nodes, the FRED Desktop comes with several nodes pre-installed and available in the editor palette.

Installing Additional Nodes

To install additional nodes, you must have NPM installed. To do so, download and install the 8.x LTS version of Node.js.

Once NPM is installed, the Node-RED Palette Manager will be enabled. To install a custom Node,click on Manage Palette from the Node-RED editor menu (top right), and then select the Install tab in the palette manager. You can now search for new nodes to install, update, and enable and disable existing nodes. For more information see the Node-RED documentation on Adding Nodes.

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