This FAQ should answer some of your questions about FRED Desktop. For general questions about the FRED Service, see the FRED FAQ. If you have any others, let us know.

Q. How do I get FRED Desktop?

FRED Desktop can be downloaded from the STS Manager service agents page here by paid FRED subscribers. For more information on installation see the documentation.

Q. How is it different from Node-RED?

FRED Desktop bundles Node-RED with additional features for ease of use, setup and configuration, and full support from Sense Tecnic Systems for popular desktop operating systems: - Windows, Mac OS and Ubuntu. These features currently include:

Q. How does it work?

The FRED Desktop is an Electron application. Electron is a cross platform desktop application framework built on Javascript and Node.js; the same technologies at the core of Node-RED. By embedding Node-RED in Electron, FRED Desktop makes it easier to install Node-RED and extend it’s capabilities without the need to install Node.js on the command line. Sense Tecnic leverages the Node-RED runtime API, bundled and custom nodes to implement FRED Desktop’s features.

Q. How many copies can I run?

FRED Desktop is managed using the STS Manager Service. Depending on your paid FRED subscription service you can install FRED Desktop on 1 or more desktop PCs.

Note that free FRED Short plan users cannot install FRED Desktop. For more information on installation see the documentation.