FRED Desktop bundles Node-RED with additional features for ease of use, setup and configuration, and full support from Sense Tecnic Systems for desktop operating systems - Windows, Mac OS and Ubuntu. For more information on the Node-RED system see the documentation. Sense Tecnic also provides the Node-RED Guide and a number of Node-RED tutorials on the developer site.

Why FRED Desktop?

Normally, to install Node-RED on a desktop OS you will need to install Node.js, and then install and configure Node-RED on the command line. Using the FRED Desktop, you simply install the desktop application and double click on the icon to get started with Node-RED. FRED Desktop comes bundled with additional nodes and functionality to view dashboards, automatically create flows using the cookbook, and view flow status.


The FRED Desktop is currently pre-release for testing and feedback. Please let us know the FRED Version number when you report feedback and bug reports by sending an email to

Information on the current roadmap for the FRED Desktop is maintained here.

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